Services and Pricing

Services and Pricing Ranges

Pruning - Need to clean up your trees like a hair cut for your yard? 
These will usually take less than a day or two depending on the property and average between $799 and $1500 for up to 6 trees. 
Tree Pruning

Heavy limb/ Dangerous branch removal - Can be tricky depending on size and obstacles in the way. Most of the time complex rigging and logistics are involved so the range tends to be around $1200 - $1999

Tree Removal - Need a tree gone for safety or convenience? We'll generally have to bring in the heavy equipment depending on the size and layout of the yard. You can expect to pay $1500 up to $2500 per a tree. 
Tree Removal

Stump grinding - We usually give a massive discount if we remove the tree, but do offer stand alone grinding services. Depending on the number and size of the stumps expect to pay between $80 and $200 per a stump

Stump Grinding

Arboriculture Property Maintenance Plans - We consult and construct tree maintenance plans for long term care. We have consulted businesses, city municipalities and school properties to not only beautify their property but keep safe and manageable areas for everyone. Click to schedule a free 15 minute consultation today.

Storm Damage/ Insurance claim work - We are always available to work with your needs.