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Tree damage from storms and/or neglect

Posted on February 23, 2015 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (145)
Spring is fast approaching, Maple tree buds are starting to swell, and its high time to do a visual inspection of the trees in your yard to make sure they are ready for the extra stress of producing and maintaining foliage.   Here in the South we still have many trees that have damaged and broken limbs in their canopy from storms over recent years.  Also with so many trees per capita (higher than the national average) it is difficult to maintain every tree under our protection and provide yearly or even adequate maintenance.  With all of this in mind now is the time to either go out and visually inspect your trees or hire someone to do it and here is why.  
When a tree has damaged and broken limbs several factors that are detrimental to the trees health are at play.  First of all, any damaged limb that needs removed is using vital energy reserves from the tree to try to fix itself.  When a tree uses to much of its energy reserves it is more susceptible to health decline from any number of effects including: drought, disease, flooding, insects, etc.  Secondly, damaged or broken limbs are obviously a potential hazard to whatever is below or nearby. As spring comes damaged limbs can still add foliage making them even more dangerous.  The reason damaged limbs are more dangerous with leafs on them is because the leafs add a substantial amount wind resistance.  This added wind resistance will inevitably stress the area damaged  and greatly increase the likely hood of complete failure to the limb.
Apart from the health hazards damaged and broken limbs add to a tree, there is also the visual aspect to consider.  A well maintained and trimmed tree is much more visually appealing than one that is busted up.  Visually appealing trees can add a great deal of value to overall property value.  So if you either need help doing a visual inspection or need your trees maintained or fixed, contact Heritage Tree and let us set you up on a maintenance plan that will lead to lasting benefits to your trees and property. Hurry! Spring is fast approaching!